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Estate & Trust Protection

Estate Design, Implementation & Administration

Alliance Entrust® Private Banking and Trust Services, is a division of National Advisors Trust Company, F.S.B., a nationally chartered trust company under the Office of Thrift Supervision and licensed in all 50 states

Our local team of dedicated professionals has proven expertise in legal, financial, and tax matters. We are uniquely equipped to handle both custom estate design and the custody of nonstandard assets such as real estate, business interests, LLCs / Limited Partnerships, fine art, and private collections.

Relationship & Legacy

At Alliance Entrust® we believe a meaningful relationship with the people who are going to work with you and your heirs is critical. We combine a personal relationship with the impartiality necessary to properly execute your estate and legacy plans.

We manage plans with an understanding of the strategic goals and desires of the grantors in addition to the needs of the beneficiaries. We bring objectivity, education, and independence to the administration of your plan so that your legacy unfolds as you desire.

You will spend many hours and much thought on how you want to benefit your loved ones; we make sure your decisions are carried out.